Multimedia Designer Australia

visual artist ◉ graphic designer ◉ type creator ◉ photo taker ◉ music maker

Experimenting with new graphic arts and technologies.


Brett Whiteley – A favorite Australian artist. Interesting use of perspective and distortion. An intense and passionate visionary.

Yoji Shinkawa – A character concept artist and mechanical designer. Uses a Japanese brush pen and watercolor to achieve a highly stylized yet skilfully restrained effect.

René Magritte – Takes the mundane and makes it interesting. A pipe, a bowler hat, an apple. His works seem to exist in a world without the constraints of gravity or time.

Salvador Dalí – Ultimate surrealist master and dreamer. The intricacies and imagination on display are limitless. Like dreams instilled on canvas.

M. C. Escher – Highly detailed, mind bending works of impossible constructs and equally bizarre perspectives. Master of the optical illusion.

Syd Mead – Visual futurist responsible for a vast array of gritty retrofit sci-fi designs. His work takes the fantastic and grounds it so precisely that a viewer could believe it exists in the present or near future.

Bruce Timm – Responsible for the ‘Dark Deco’ design and characters of Batman: The Animated Series. Achieves dramatic movement with minimal line-work.

Edvard Munch – An expressive display of the human condition. Some thought provoking work that provides the viewer with an empathic experience.

Saul Bass – Frequent Hitchcock collaborator and graphic designer. Inspired simplicity and effectiveness.

Drew Struzan – Movie poster artist with a real skill for encapsulating the spirit of a film in one image. Rich coloring adds a nostalgic warmth and timeless quality.

Banksy – Anti-establishment hero and street art legend. Decent social commentary on the current state of things.